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J Street - a pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby

At last, a sensible Israel lobby - J Street promotes the interests of Israel while campaigning against continued settlement in the Gaza Strip.  Not surprisingly, their efforts are causing an outcry.  Critics accuse them of being anti-Israel, of aiding Israel's enemies.  The following quote illustrates it nicely:

The conveners of Wednesday’s hearing, a hawkish Likud legislator named Danny Danon and a conservative colleague from the centrist Kadima party, Otniel Schneller, wanted to expose J Street for what they believed it to be — a group of self-doubting American Jews more worried about what their neighbors say than what is good for the state of Israel.

“This is a dispute between those who care what non-Jews will say and those who believe in being a light unto nations, between the mentality of exile and that of redemption,” Mr. Schneller said. “J Street is not a Zionist organization. It offers love with strings attached. They say, ‘We love you only if you behave the way we like.’ ”

Yes, Mr. Schneller.  You're absolutely right.  U.S. support for Israel should come with strings attached.  Who is Israel to ask for unconditional love?  World politics is not a family.  Israel must act responsibly and ethically toward its populace and neighbors, or risk losing U.S. support.  What nation could expect anything more or less?

U.S. group, J Street, stirs debate on being "pro-Israel"    NY Times