brandondedicant (brandondedicant) wrote,

Must porn stars be ostracized from other jobs?

Thankfully, no, they mustn't.  Harmony Rose, who made over 200 videos before leaving the industry recently, is now training as an EMT.  There has been controversy, including the consideration of firing Rose.  But fortunately:

"Of the over 500 comments that appear under the story on WDBJ's Facebook page, nearly all support Rose's continued work with the rescue squad."

As I see it, it is crucial that our society learn to see sex workers as full, valued persons.  The industry is never going away, especially in an age of birth control and digital media, so denigrated them is just a pointless option no matter how you look at it.  Instead, we must as a society recover respect for them.  If we can, we will be one step closer to reviving the sacred dimension of human sexuality.

Ex-porn star Harmony Rose, AKA Tracy Rolan, volunteers as EMT   HuffPost
Tags: humanitarian, politics, society
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