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Lilies and Cedars and Corn

Science, politics, mythology, and the human experience

I'm a graduate student getting my teachers license in ESL at the University of Minnesota. Meanwhile, I pursue a broad range of personal interests focusing on humanism and religion. I'm especially interested in ancient Greek religion, humanitarian and human rights issues, and living a modern life inspired by the intersection of these things.

Humanistic Paganism is a term I use to refer to a spirituality inspired by ancient pre-Christian European models and synthesized with key values of Humanism - namely, 1) that humans are capable of and responsible for dealing with challenges without recourse to supernatural aid, and 2) that the greatest human fulfillment comes from helping others. Though the objective, independent existence of deities is improbable, there is great inspirational and ethical value to be found in myths, rituals, meditation, and other spiritual practices. The content of this livejournal reflects issues relevant to a Pagan-inspired range of Humanist concerns.